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Everyday Moments Hold the Most Beauty (2015)
Mad Housekeeping (2016)
Under the Tree (2017)
Teardrops from Heaven (2017)

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Teardrops from Heaven

Grief is more than just tears. More than just loss. It’s that clawing feeling in your stomach, the confusion, and the longing. But putting grief into words—or in this case, reading poetry, helps you to recover focus, understand the extreme emotions and allows you to find hope. Grief is a journey. It is not the same journey for everyone. I hope these poems help you or a loved one though this journey and provide comfort and shelter in the storm…


Under the Tree

Mad Housekeeping

Everyday Moments

Micropoetry is a short poetry form, which requires less than 160 characters, including all punctuation and spaces. It is challenging to convey an emotion, or an entire short story, in that small space. It is similar to a photo snapshot or a moment in time. Micropoetry is quick, gets to the point, and does not take a huge chunk of time to enjoy. It is a small bite to savor. It deserves to be recognized as a subcategory of poetry, and should be celebrated for its own nuances and quirks. Hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it!