About Tracy

Tracy Meyerhofer is a poet and a registered nurse from Toledo, Ohio, who graduated from the Toledo Hospital School of Nursing, in collaboration with the University of Toledo. She has penned four volumes of poetry, and began her writing career in 2013. She is a contributing member and moderator of the Micro-Poetry Society UK, and blogs her poetry at TracyMeyerhofer.com. She has written several pieces of poetry for 200 Word Tuesday eMagazine and had regularly contributed to Friday Phrases on Twitter. She is one of the featured poets for Luke Agbaimoni’s Tube Mapper London Photography (UK), Volume I: Capturing Moments on the London Underground (published 2020) and Volume II: London Underground Symmetry and Imperfections (work in progress).

Published Catalogue:

Everyday Moments Hold the Most Beauty (2015)
Mad Housekeeping (2016)
Under the Tree (2017)
Teardrops from Heaven (2017)

Contributing Poet:
The Tube Mapper Project: Capturing Moments on the London Underground (2020)

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